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The Internet is very important thing for all of the people including students. When they want to make an assignment, then they need help and they expect the largest help from the internet. They want help as well as rest but in education, it was not possible. Similarly, all of the businessmen need to use the internet and they need to communicate with clients always. I suggest all of the users of the internet to use Wi-Fi internet and there is no any better way to remain connected wirelessly. Wireless internet connection is the best method to use the internet always and users of the Wi-Fi need to use smartphone or tablet PC when they want to carry the internet.
For using Wi-Fi internet connection, you need to use a router. You can buy any router what suits best in your area. There are many people who prefer to use brand products. Because brands products are popular for giving the best performance. Many users of the router buy the router online because it is very easy to know about the product performance quick. Even they can order the router at a cheap price than the local market. You will get cheap and expensive routers in the market and you can decide what you need to buy.
D-Link is one of the best router and networking device manufacturers. If you make the plane buy a router from this company, then I support you. There are various companies’ routers available in the market and can buy routers from those manufacturers too. You must prefer a good one and make sure that the router is perfect for your area. However, after buying a router from a specific model of a popular brand, you can use that router for your purposes and you will get good performance what you need actually.
Now connect the router to the computer. You have to configure the router and in this case, you will get help from the router manual. Follow the manual for the configuration and you need to know the IP address, username, and password. The default IP address is used in many models of the D-Link routers. With the username and password, you can login to the router. The configuration of the device and computer is very important. You will get the instruction in the router manual in the router box what you need to follow. Later, you will get the setup the setting.
Now follow the router manual and papers what you will get in the router box. You must follow all instruction and you need to use the default IP address, username and password for login to the router. You use the Ethernet cable for the router connection with the computer and you need to use the power adapter for supplying the power to the device. When all of those things done properly, you need to setup the device and this is why you have to login to the router. Now you need to all default things in different steps for login to the router control panel.
If your router does not come with any application for login to the router, then you need to use a browser. The browser will work as an application and this application will help you for login to the router. The IP address will be used on the browser address bar of the browser. Once the IP address is typed in the browser address bar and press the Enter button. You will get a form where you need to use the username and password. Now press the Enter button again. You will be logged in the router for using correct login detail.
Now setup in the router is important and in this step, you have to setup internet and Wi-Fi. In the router control center, you will get the wizard tool what is very powerful and easy to use. In the home router, you will get the Wizard tool. You just click on the wizard tool and you have to give information step by step. You have to click on the next button for passing one step and entering to another step. If you want to save time, then Wizard tool is the best thing than the manual settings.
Manual setting is not necessary but if you want to complete whole settings, then you need to use manual settings after the settings with the wizard tool. You have to setup all settings manually for the Wi-Fi security. You need to use WPA2-PSK the powerful encrypted security. This is very popular encrypted security and it is very difficult to crack. You must choose a hard password for Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi password will be 8 digits long minimum but you should make it 13 digits for making it stronger and add letters upper and small case. You can add symbols with the IP address.
No one should change the default IP address but it is possible to change the default IP address when it is very important to do. You have nothing to worry. You change the default IP address only for the solution of the IP address confliction problem. Due to this problem, you cannot use internet or Wi-Fi. To enable all of the routers and networking devices, you need to use unique IP addresses in all of the devices. You have to change the IP address from each device to make the IP address unique.
The IP address is default IP address and this IP address will work with the Ping command to know the connection status. You add the IP address with ping as “ping” or use “ping -t”. The last ping command is called continuous ping command what is very important for all of the users to know the correct status of the router and computer connection. Before using the ping command, you should check the cable connection between the router and computer. You should learn about the troubleshooting what you cannot skip.
You can try to solve the various problem of the router and Wi-Fi. This is why you need to read the router manual and all instructions of the troubleshooting chapter. You need to know how to make device active and you have to fix all of the problems. If you reboot the router, then you can solve the problem. If you reset the router for the 15 to 20 seconds, then you will find that the router settings will not work and internal settings will be removed. You have to setup the settings again and for logging to the device you need to use default data.